Inclusive Education

Landing Trail School embraces the uniqueness of all children, each bringing diversity and strength to our school culture. We have established the following programs, which may be offered at our school within the context of available resources and student needs.

Leveled Literacy Program

The Leveled Literacy Intervention Program is a reading program designed to enhance classroom instruction through small group learning. The students will receive instruction from a reading specialist in groups of three or four students that are at the same reading level. Through daily 30-minute lessons, the students will read new books at their instructional reading level to improve their reading skills and reading fluency. Daily writing about the new books is also a component of the lesson. This intervention is designed to bring students up to grade level in their reading after 12-16 weeks of intervention. 

Reading Pals

The Reading Pals program is a program offered for the purpose of reviewing sight vocabulary and reinforcing fluent reading. The program is teacher-directed but relies on parent volunteers.We need parental/community support to keep this program operational.

Speech, Language and Hearing

Alberta Health Services provides assessment and intervention services for students having difficulty speaking, expressing their ideas or understanding what is said to them. Speech and language assessments, hearing screenings and intervention services are provided by Speech-Language Pathologists in the schools or at the Health Unit. Parental consent is required.