Volunteer Opportunities


Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help the school, both in the classroom and elsewhere. Volunteering not only contributes to the educational process, but it also brings you closer to your children and their school community. 

Safety Patrol Adult Supervisors

Volunteers are needed to supervise the morning and afternoon safety patrol. If you can spare 15 minutes before or after school, we could really use your help. Please contact Mr. Traub at 780-923-2898.

Reading Pals 

Reading Pals gives selected students extra practice in reading sight words and practice in fluent reading at their instructional level. Volunteers practice these sight words with students and listen to students read a short passage or story. Volunteers are needed from 8:35 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. If you have 15 minutes in the morning for 1-5 days per week and are interested in helping with this very valuable program, please contact Mr. Traub at 780-923-2898 for more information.


Landing Trail School welcomes our volunteers. The staff of Landing Trail School believe that “Together We Can Make a Difference.”

Important components of all Volunteer Programs at Landing Trail School are that they are cooperative and constructive. In order to make your visit to our school both helpful and beneficial to the students, yourself and the staff, the following guidelines for volunteers have been developed.

  1. For the safety of the students, it is important that we know who is in the building. Please sign in at the office when you arrive at the school and out when you leave. There is a binder on the front counter for this purpose. Volunteers will be asked to wear a lanyard while working in the school.
  2. Volunteers work under the direction of a teacher.
  3. Activities will vary depending on student and/or class needs. However, you may be involved in:
    • Working with individual students and/or small groups of students on teacher determined tasks.
    • Setting up classroom and hall displays.
    • Preparing materials and/or resources.
    • Assisting in the Gym, Library, or Computer Lab.
    • Carrying out other specific activities as needed.
  4. All adults accompanying or meeting field trips will be required to have a Criminal Record Check on file at the office prior to the scheduled field trip.
  5. For insurance purposes, siblings may not accompany their parents when they are acting as volunteers in classrooms or while involved in student supervision duties for activities planned on the school grounds or on field trips. Siblings may accompany parents who are volunteering for duties not involved in providing student supervision or work that takes place in classrooms.
  6. When volunteering in the school, cell phones must be placed in “vibrate only” mode. Calls should not be made or answered in classrooms during instructional times or when the volunteer is supervising or providing support for students.
  7. If you are outside on the playground and an accident or incident occurs please find an outside supervisor and they will determine a course of action.
  8. In order to establish effective communication, if you have any questions or concerns please discuss them with the teacher as soon as possible after they arise.
  9. Because we have many students who are in unique situations, we would like to remind you that confidentiality is important both within the school and the community.

Thank you for being a part of your child’s learning team. It is through caring support from home that our children thrive!